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Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear is an Australian Drummer, Percussionist and Teacher... Early influences were Deep Purple’s Machine Head album.  Craig began his music career with the Sydney Youth Orchestra. He was lead drummer for the Marching Koalas and toured Japan and the UK. Craig was principal percussionist at the Hunter School of Performing Arts.

Craig Rosevear played drums in numerous Newcastle bands including: Boogie Chillun : John McIvor, Gordon Hogan and Robert Cullip. Kicks an INXS cover band with Frank Soto, Jai Proud, Paul Elliot: guitar and vocals, Brad Cavanagh, Phil Barnard, Chris Lee and Mick Boyle. In 1988 Rosie played in the Newcastle rock band Raiding Party. Members of Raiding Party included:  James Davis: keyboard, Brien McVernon: bass, Ian 'Candy' Sandercoe: vocal, Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear: drums and Paul Flaherty: guitar. Rehearsal began at Tony Heads Downie Street Maryville Studio.  Later Newcastle musicians Mark Tinson: guitar replaced Paul Flaherty, Gary Wilson replaced Craig 'Rosie' Rosevear and Gary Wilson was later replaced by Steve 'Mac' McLennan.

In 1990 he joined rock band B.B.Steal. B.B.Steal signed to Polygram and released the album On the Edge. They toured with Def Leppard. Craig Rosevear joined the Screaming Jets in 1993. He said of his time with The Jets. Members of Screaming Jets included: Dave Gleeson, Grant Walmsley, Paul Woseen and Brad Heaney 1989-1993, and Richard Lara 1989-1993. Craig Rosevear 1993-2000 replaced Brad Heaney on Drums, Jimi 'The Human' Hocking 1993-1997 replaced Richard Lara on Guitar, Izzy Osmanovich replaced Hocking in 1997, Col Hatchman 2001-2005 replaced Craig Rosevear on drums and Mickl Sayers 2006 replaced Col Hatchman on drums.

Throughout the nineties Rosie played drums as a guest artist with: Extreme Blues: Ngariki: guitar and vocal, Kent Jackson and Danny Davidson. Guests & Replacements included: Glen 'Bang Bang' Hone, Bobby Sox, T.K., Bob Spencer, Steve 'Mac' McLennan, Steve 'Duke' Earl aka 'The Earl', Peter Houlihan, Chris Lowe, Steve Fuller and George 'Chookie' Cotsioucos.

Early 2000 Craig headed to the United States of America and performed with Albanian superstar Simaku and a rock band Cinderglass who performed lives shows and recorded their music in a home studio. The band signed a development contract with DreamWorks which fell apart when DreamWorks axed bands with development deals. 'I had a great experience with the guys from Cinderglass…we were like brothers. We played some great shows in Los Angeles and things were really happening for us… We were rehearsing at the same studio and hanging with some cool dudes, bands like The Chilli Peppers, Audioslave (formerly Rage against the Machine) and the Murderdolls (With Joey Jordinson from slipknot).

Craig has performed on over 20 albums, he has done more than 6 000 gigs, produced a video titled How to Tic Toc in Rock an instructional video. Rosie has studied extensively including: a Postgraduate Degree in Marketing, studies in Psychology, Workplace Training and Assessment and has for 11 years taught at the Hunter Institute of TAFE.

Craig has drummed in Newcastle bands in 00's including: Retro Rockets. Members of the Retro Rockets include: Brien McVernon and Dom Lyndus.  The Rattle with Tyrone Peshorn, Mark Hoppe and Rupert Jenner. Craig plays drums in DV8 Mk3 with Greg Bryce and  Mark Middleton, DV8 recently recorded Live 2 Rock. Craig Rosevear established the music tuition and performance school in Newcastle, Australia called: Rosie’s School of Rock

Get more information about Craig ‘Rosie’ Rosevear at the Rosie’s School of Rock website:

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